Hurst Rethink

Hurst Rethink

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we have seen people from all walks of life coming together to affect positive change in our community. It’s with this in mind, against the backdrop of the Climate Emergency and ever more calls for action, that we formed Hurst Rethink in November 2020.

We are a group of locals who have joined forces to drive sustainable change in the villages of Hurstpierpoint and Sayers Common. All of the group are volunteers and we have no political affiliations.

We have decided to focus our efforts on four main action areas: Biodiversity and Nature, Green Homes & Energy, Green Consumer and Green Transport. Underpinning all of this will be work with the relevant local councils (Parish Council, Mid Sussex District Council, West Sussex County Council) and action groups as well as publicity and education in our community. Read more about us.

We currently meet once a month on Zoom but once Coronavirus restrictions are lifted, we plan to meet in person. If you’re interested in helping us, even if it’s for an hour or two a month, we’d love to hear from you.

Hurst Garden Rethink

From April to July this year Hurst Rethink is working with the community on a campaign to make our gardens greener. This involves mowing lawns less often, leaving patches of our gardens wild, using less chemicals and other activities to encourage insects, birds and mammals. 

The highlight of the campaign is ‘NoMowMay’. Watch the video below to find out all you need to know. Read all about Hurst Garden Rethink.

Our Action Areas:

If you’re interested in helping us, even if it’s for an hour or two a month, we’d love to hear from you.

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The Hurst Rethink
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The Hurst Rethink
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Learn About Sustainability

We highly recommend the What Planet Are We On Podcast’, available on BBC Sounds. Presenter Liz Bonnin delves into various issues, including our relationship with wildlife, agriculture, consumerism and economics. It’s a great way of gaining insight into the issues facing us all and how we can change for the better.

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