Biodiversity & Nature

This action group is working on the following areas in 2021:

i) Wilding our verges and public spaces – working with WSCC and MSDC we are mapping out who is responsible for maintaining the verges around our villages and putting together a plan to allow more native flora to flourish.

ii) Encouraging greener gardening – we will adopt the Plantlife ‘Every Flower Counts’ campaign to encourage people to leave a patch of their garden to nature and see what grows.

iii) Mapping local habitats with the aim of creating wildlife corridors

iv) Rivers and Water Management  – we will work with HKD Transition to map problem areas and investigate what can be done to slow water flow and absorb rainwater.

We are in the early stages of planning each of these projects and will update this page as the plans take shape.

If you want to get involved with our Biodiversity and Nature action group, please get in touch with Lucy Bennett via our email address

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