We formed our Community group in October 2021 following the success of the COVID -19 Neighbourhood group that was launched and run by Prue Heron. This group got locals to look out for and support each other during the pandemic and we want to carry on this spirit of caring.

The aim of the Hurst Rethink Community group is to strengthen our community bonds through a series of events which encourage neighbours to come together in shared experiences, to get to know each other better, to have fun and also be more sustainable.

Ideas for events include a Jumble Trail (a cross between a garage sale and jumble sale!), street parties, plant and seed swaps, welcome events for new residents, games sessions where young and old come together, and a human library where instead of borrowing a book, you borrow a person to tell you their story. If you have any ideas for events, please get in touch.

Hurst Rethink Community Doorstep Carols

Our first event is the Hurst Rethink Community Doorstep Carols on Wednesday 15th December at 6pm. This is part of a nationwide initiative to come out onto the street, sing carols with our neighbours and spread a bit of festive cheer.

The carols will be broadcast over BBC Sussex Radio from 6-7 pm on Wednesday 15th December (same across BBC local radio stations throughout the UK) so it’s a simple case of tuning in on a mobile phone or other device and attaching a speaker to share the carols with your neighbour group.  Then sing your heart out!

We’ve set up a Facebook group for everyone who is interested in taking part. Please join it to find out the latest news.

Here are the full ingredients for a happy time:-

  • Visit the website
  • Invite your neighbours – especially focussing on those not online
  • Download, print and share the programme of Carols and words
  • Ensure any local musicians and budding musicians know they can download sheet music and everyone would love them to play along.
  • Organise a device and speaker to broadcast the music
  • At 6.00pm on 15th December, tune into BBC Radio Sussex Carol broadcast
  • Sing, Sing, Sing

Optional Extras

  • Dress up, serve mince pies, pour mulled wine, be joyous
  • Please remember Covid Guidelines and keep everyone safe
  • Return home with a warm heart. 

All variations of the above are up to you.  Maybe we have some local choirs that will stroll the streets and join in as they sing.  It’s your call!

And now for the jewel in the crown – in Hurst, we have the church bells ringing out at 7.00 pm on 15th –  so huge thanks to Sue Elrick and our lovely bellringers who are giving up some of their busy pre-Christmas time to keep that special, warm feeling going! 

We look forward to hearing your voices above the rooftops of Hurstpierpoint.  

Let us know if you’d like to get involved.

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