We formed our Community group in October 2021 following the success of the COVID -19 Neighbourhood group. This group got locals to look out for and support each other during the pandemic and we want to carry on this spirit of caring.

The aim of the Hurst Rethink Community group is to strengthen our community bonds through a series of events which encourage neighbours to come together in shared experiences, to get to know each other better, to have fun and also be more sustainable.

Hurst Rethink Community Jumble Trail Sunday 2nd April 10am-2pm

Get involved with the Hurst Rethink Community Jumble Trail on Sunday 2nd April 2023. It’s the perfect chance to declutter. And to pick up a bargain! Email if you’d like to have a stall outside your house. It’s too late to be included on the printed map but we can add your details onto our interactive Google Map for the day. Alternatively, wander around the village on the day and pick up a bargain as well as meet the community!

Here’s a map of the households taking part. You can download a PDF of this map here.

Hurst Rethink Community Doorstep Carols

Our first event was the Hurst Rethink Community Doorstep Carols on Wednesday 15th December 2021. This was part of a nationwide initiative to come out onto the street, sing carols with our neighbours and spread a bit of festive cheer.

The carols were broadcast over BBC Sussex Radio from 6-7 pm on Wednesday 15th December (same across BBC local radio stations throughout the UK) so it’s a simple case of tuning in on a mobile phone or other device and attaching a speaker to share the carols with your neighbour group.  Then sing your heart out!

We’ve set up a Facebook group for everyone who is interested in taking part. Please join it to find out the latest news.

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