Action Areas

Our aim is to encourage and help people to live more sustainably and to strengthen community bonds. We’ve divided our work up into four distinct action areas. Each of these areas has a team working within it. In our first 12 months, we aim to complete the following projects in each area:

1. Biodiversity and Nature 

Our main initiative in this area is around wilding our roadside verges and public spaces to encourage the natural growth of flora, which in turn will support a multitude of endemic species. A small team is working with the relevant authorities to pull together a plan to map our verges and agree a mowing plan.

Our second initiative in this area is encouraging greener gardening. We urge people to question the use of pesticides and other chemicals and to think of wildlife when gardening or out in nature. In Spring, we will launch our ‘Every Flower Counts’ campaign and urge people to leave a minimum 1m2 patch of their garden to nature to see what grows. This will tie in with our support of ‘No Mow May’.

Underpinning this work, we encourage families and community groups to spend as much time as they can in nature and to nurture a love of the natural world.

2. Green Energy & Homes

Our main initiative in this area is still being researched but we want to encourage the take up and visibility of renewable energy across our villages, whether that be solar panels on public buildings or helping homeowners and renters to install renewable energy sources on their properties.

We are also investigating community energy and hope to have a plan available in early 2021.

As part of this work, we will also help people with education – how they can access grants to pay for changes to their home, how they can save energy and water and encouraging people to consider where they buy their energy.

3. Green Consumer

Our main aim in this area is to increase recycling rates in our villages with the introduction of Terracycle bins. We will use these to collect waste that can’t be recycled in our blue bins such as crisp and confectionary packets, cosmetic and make up packaging & containers and oral care packaging. We are currently working on setting up our Terracycle schemes for launch in Spring 2021.

Our second aim is to encourage people to shop locally & seasonally, supporting local businesses and making healthier choices. Research has shown that when people shop locally, money stays in the local economy, benefitting not just the business but the community as a whole. To this end, we’re putting together directories of local businesses.

Our first list is companies to shop from when purchasing gifts.

Our second list will be a directory of local food – places where you can buy Sussex produced food and drink. We are working on this and hope to have it ready in early 2021.

We also encourage people to look at ways of reducing packaging and rejecting fast fashion. If you have any thoughts in this area, we love to hear from you.

4. Green Transport

We want to help create sustainable transport solutions for Hurstpierpoint such as cycle lanes, better school transport and encouraging electric car take up.

Our team is working with the relevant authorities on pushing for a cycle route between Hurstpierpoint and Hassocks to enable easier commuting to school and work by bike.

We are also pushing for the first public electric car charging points to be installed in Hurstpierpoint in 2021.

If you’d like to find out more about any of our plans, have a suggestion or want to help, please email us at

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