Green Transport

This action group is working on the following areas in 2021:

i) Pushing for a cycle lane between Hurst and Hassocks – West Sussex County. Council has done preliminary work on a cycle route between Hurst and Hassocks but this has yet to be finalised and agreed. We are in touch with all relevant parties to push to get this progressed during 2021. Fill in our survey here.

ii) Improving public transport with a focus on getting to school – we are investigating ways of making it easier for children to walk, cycle or get public transport to school. We want to see school traffic on our busy roads. We are working with WSCC and other stakeholders to put together a plan.

iii) Promoting electric car take up – we know electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of car ownership yet there are no public EV charging points in our villages. Unless you own a drive, it’s nigh on impossible to consider owning one. This has to change. We are working with the relevant authorities to ensure there are sufficient charging points in Mid Sussex and that people feel comfortable switching to EVs.

If you want to get involved with our Green Transport action group, please get in touch via our email address

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