Are you a gardener, aspiring gardener, or do you have an outside space where you can plant or put a pot?

There is an increasing body of research that is evidencing the importance of even small patches of land in residential gardens. Though fragmented, together they offer much needed support to biodiversity and wildlife.

The article linked below is research from America, but the principles remain. The key is to focus on varieties of native plants that are local to your area. There are so many pretty wild flowers and access to find seed is so much easier than it used to be. They will often thrive in areas that hybrid cultivars will not.

“There is no downside to growing appropriate native plants in urban landscapes,” says Polly Weigand of the Long Island Native Plant Initiative. “It is only beneficial.”

COP15 for biodiversity kicks off in Montreal this week, starting twelve days of international negotiation on subjects spanning our land and marine environments and how to protect, restore and improve these interconnected ecosystems.

Winter can be the best time to plan that garden project, be it the entire garden, the allotment, a single bed, or even a pot, it can all make a difference.

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