Green Consumer

This action group is working on the following areas in 2022:

i) Increase recycling rates with our own Terracycle and charity recycling schemes. We launched these schemes in spring 2021 with Terracycle bins placed centrally in Hurstpierpoint for people to drop off their waste. Check out what we currently accept and where you can drop off your recycling. We are always adding to our list so make sure you check back regularly.

ii) Encouraging shopping locally and seasonally – We hope to launch the Hurst Village Market in the first half of 2022 in partnership with The New Inn.

iii) Creation of our own Apple Day event – Sussex used to be famous for its orchards and we had many in Hurstpierpoint. There are hundreds of apple trees across our villages and our apple day will be a celebration of this amazing crop! We will educate the village about our own orchard in Hurst Meadows as well as encourage the community to make the most of our local varieties and harvest. Watch this space for more on the launch of our community Apple Day in autumn 2022.

If you want to get involved with our Green Consumer action group, please get in touch with Charlotte Wilson via our email address

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