Hurst Rethink AGM meeting notes 30th November 2022

Attendees- Cheryl, Helen, Anna Riis, Lucy, Charlotte, Tim, Kate, Anna Carmichael, Wendy, Amanda, Peter, Bec, Kirstin and Bridget.

Apologies – George Judd and Claire Majsai.

Please find a link to our presentation here with brief notes for each item below:

1. Biodiversity Team update

Update from Lucy

Swift Campaign

Funding currently being applied for from SOS for a Swift Campaign in Weald Close. Rolling out in early 2023, this will see 10 swift boxes being fitted in one area of the village to offer nest sites to a declining swift population. A social media and school outreach campaign will be launched to support this.


Kate; could you ask the eco club if they would be interested in supporting this? I can ask Rebecca Rees if she could go into the school to talk about the swifts and encourage them to make posters.

Queens Green Canopy

Update from Amanda.

Planting some trees on the land opposite Washbrooks is going ahead. This is not however community land so free trees are not available. Woodland Trust tree packs are available however and aren’t too expensive – 30 trees for £50. Could we get fundraising for this? There would be a planting day in the new year for the funders.


Amanda to follow up. Also to take down the campaign posters in the village that have got wet. 

Charlotte to amend and take a photo of the eco club poster so this can go up in the village.

Everyone to advertise this as best they can with a push to plant more trees in the New Year.

2. Community Group update

Update from Anna

Big Hurst Jumble Trail

This was a big success in spring but not in Autumn. Plans for another Spring event going ahead next year.

Pondtail woods

Open days next year to be repeated as this was v successful too.

HPP advent calendar event starting tomorrow- brilliant initiative getting people out for an evening walk and meeting neighbours. Cycling without age Trishaws available to help people who might not otherwise get around the village. 

Request for help -if anyone wants to join this initiative it would be very much appreciated.

3. Green Consumer Team update

Update from Charlotte

Village market 

This continues to be a big success. Real community event to get people out and onto the High Street. Rumblings from local traders who feel money is being diverted away from them was flagged.

Plans for 2023 to grow the market.

Terracycling and Soft Plastic Recycling

These schemes have been changing as supermarkets and shops step up to do their own recycling. HPP Terracycling now only do two thing;. Soft plastic recycling with Co-op. Dedicated team emptying the bins up to 3 times a week. 42 sacks collected in November.

We also collect pens and writing instruments to recycle at the St Lawrence School office.

Co-op leading the way to encourage less soft packaging from manufacturers. Plus it keeps the recycling in the UK when many supermarkets export to countries like Poland. Word of a big recycling plant in Leicester being built to accommodate soft plastic recycling from the major supermarkets.

No more Terracycling in Burgess Hill. All schemes have now shut.

4. Transport Team Update

Update from Lucy and Charlotte

We met with WSCC councillor Joy Dennis last week who updated us on the proposed cycle route from Sayers Common to Hassocks. Was on list to be completed this year but has been delayed for a number of reasons. One of which is that part of the route isn’t wide enough. Discussions with private landowner/s is in hand to widen this section. Work looking unlikely to start until 2024. 

Joy also talked about an initiative to get kids and young people onto buses more. This will involve a campaign to offer them a flat fare for a set period of time.

Regarding a 20’s plenty campaign, Joy is working on a plan to change the rules so that PC’s have more autonomy to do these things. WS wouldn’t stand in the way of communities wanting to do this.  Need the PC and community on board first though. Something we can look at next year.

So 2023- Working on how we reduce the speed limit within the village as well as the high street.

Plus more bike swarms.

EV charge points will increase with pavement charging points rolling out.

From Helen in chat ‘West Sussex is working with Connected Kerb’.

5. Green Energy Team update

Lots of rumblings of community energy campaigns and an area we will be focusing on more next year.

Charlotte has joined HKD Energy as a Director

-They have been trying v hard to get solar panels on St Lawrence school but plans have been fraught with planning issues. Roofs not suitable. Progress next year is hoped. 

-Funding may become available to train an energy champion who will coordinate visits to homeowners and advise on how to make their homes more energy efficient.

-Hopefully policy will change so that planning framework will work in favour of greener homes solutions.

6. Eco Schools Update

St Lawrence: 2 visits a term from Hurst Rethink. Next visit this Tuesday.

Visits for next term could include Better Biking theme and Swifts Campaign.


Kate to talk to Miss Murray about these ideas 



MSDC- do they have grants? Probably- Charlotte to explore.

Co-op- Could apply here for a community group grant. Application process starts in August.

Mid Sussex District Plan Consultation

PC have done a large piece about the consultation this in this months Hurst Life.

We will be trying to help people comment on these proposals- three weeks until the deadline (19th Dec). What’s the best way to approach this? Hurst Society working hard to pick apart the document and come up with legitimate opposition and share this with us.

Q from Kirstin- Is it worth us coming back together for a 10 min briefing before the 19th? Can this be proposed to the Hurst Society. More clout as a group? 

We decided that the more opposition emails the better- so from individuals as well as the group.

When we have updates we will share in our newsletter.

Campaigning against local authorities will be a bigger part of our work next year. And less events – these time a lot of time and energy to organise and aren’t always well attended. The village market acts as a great place to communicate and network so we will continue to build on the success of this. Please do come along and find us there.

Repair café.

This is something we can look at for next year. Hassocks Repair café could visit HPP for example. If anyone has time to lead on this, it would be great to hear.

MANY THANKS AGAIN. Without your ongoing support we would find it very hard to keep going. Looking forward to 2023 and more positive ripples leading to great waves.

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