Hurst Rethink Bike Swarm

Join Us On Saturday 25th September for a Bike Swarm

We’re holding a Bike Swarm on Saturday 25th September 2021 at 12 noon. Bike Swarms are a common sight in cities and towns across the UK, so we thought it was time to have one here too!

A bike swarm is where cyclists and other non motorised forms of transport travel together along a route to emphasise the importance of these types of transport to our community and well being. They are great fun for everyone involved, whether young or old. People dress in bright clothes, make lots of noise and come together as a community to claim our space on the road.

We will meet in Trinity Road Car park at 11.45am for a safety briefing before setting off at 12 noon to cycle to Downlands School and back. Please dress in bright colours, ideally green or pink, the colours of Hurst Rethink.

Please also bring bells or horns so we can make a noise!

Who we are and what’s it about?

We’re a bunch of local people who believe cycling is a great way to get about. We’d like to be able to do it more often, and we’d like other people, especially children, to feel safe enough to do it too, but cycling between our villages doesn’t feel particularly safe right now because of the volume and speed of cars and other traffic.

We got 270 responses to our recent cycle survey which goes to show how many people care about safer cycling in our village. With that much support, we can make a real difference. You can see the full results of our survey here.

Are you suggesting a cycle route?

Yes, we support the Parish Council who are keen to progress a cycle route with West Sussex County Council between Hurstpierpoint and Hassocks.

But a cycle route along the road means it’s harder for cars

There are two favoured routes in place, one of which detours off the B2116/Hassocks Road before cyclists rejoin the road at Stonepound Crossroads.

It’s been shown in other locations that when connections between villages are made more cycle friendly, there is a big increase in cycling and walking and fewer people use cars for short journeys. This is our aim – to tempt people out of their cars for short journeys between our villages. In our recent cycle survey, 92% of 270 respondents said they would cycle more frequently if there was a safe cycle route between Hurst and Hassocks.

Ultimately, this leaves more space for those who depend on vehicles, including delivery drivers, tradespeople and those with limited mobility. So it’s a win/win for everyone.

If you’d like to contact anyone about the Bike Swarm, please message the organiser, Bridget Hamilton on

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