Small Changes – Making A World Of Difference

Last year like never before, we saw people from all walks of life coming together to affect positive change. As the famous anthropologist Margaret Mead said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

As we move into 2021, perhaps we can all learn to ‘Rethink’ where our environment and lifestyle are concerned. The dictionary definition of rethink is to consider or assess (something, especially a course of action) again, especially in order to change it. It’s by being conscious of our everyday actions that we can learn to change.

We hope that as we move into 2021 and start to make resolutions, you too will pause and rethink and be inspired to choose at least one of these actions for the New Year, knowing that we can make a change for the good of all.

? Move to renewable energy – is a great resource to help you.

? Make your home more energy efficient – check out to get you on your way

? Rethink your diet – reduce meat consumption and buy meat from local producers

? Rethink food miles – buy local wherever you can

? Change bank accounts to an ethical supplier – we recommend Tridos or Starling

? Rewild your garden – leave part of your garden to nature and see what happens!

? Make a hedgehog corridor in your garden

? Reach out to a neighbour on a regular basis – or why not set up a neighbours WhatsApp group so you can all keep in touch?

? Terracyle your crisps packets/toothpaste/cosmetics – news on collection points in Hurst coming soon!

? Walk or cycle instead of using the car for local journeys

? Support local businesses whenever possible

By working together under the heading Hurst Rethink a group of locals have already begun to drive sustainable change in the village adding to the great work many unsung heroes have been doing for some time! In the 3 months since deciding we needed a Rethink, we have secured an electric charging point in Trinity Road long stay car park, set up a Terracycle group for packaging that can’t be recycled by the usual route and are in talks with the authorities about a cycle lane from Hurstpierpoint to Hassocks. 

Our action areas include: Biodiversity and Nature, Green Homes & Energy, Green Consumer and Green Transport. Underpinning all of this will be work with the relevant local councils and groups as well as publicity and education in our community

What can you do? What interests you? If you want to get involved, why not join us?

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