The Long Talked About Cycle Route…

A cycle route taking school kids and commuters safely from Hurst to Hassocks and back again has long been a dream of many local residents. So why has it never happened? 

The Green Transport group from Hurst Rethink has been doing some preliminary research and discovered that various groups and individuals have been campaigning for a cycle route to connect the villages for over 20 years!

So why the hold up? With a consultation process taking place for a route connecting the north side of the village to The Triangle, what about a route taking residents to and from the nearest train station and secondary school? Surely this should be a priority? 

With this in mind the Hurst Rethink held a meeting with Hurstpierpoint Parish Council and West Sussex County Councillor, Joy Dennis and it soon became clear that what it really comes down to is agreeing on the best and safest route. And this is where it gets tricky. Should the route use the main roads including the High Street or should a route be developed that keeps them off this narrow stretch? And what about the tight corner at Randiddles Close? 

West Sussex County Council have a cycle route from Sayers Common to Hassocks on their list of projects to be considered this year so we know they want to make it happen. If they hear the views of the community, this could help influence the outcome.

To this end we have put together a survey which we are encouraging everyone to complete and circulate. The more people who take part in the survey, the more likely it is to happen so please do participate and have your say.

Fill in the survey here:

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More About Hurst Rethink

Formed just last year, we have four action groups looking at how we can improve local sustainability in different areas of our lives: Green Consumer, Green Homes & Energy, Green Transport and Biodiversity & The Natural Environment. If you’d like to join any of these groups, please email

We will also be holding a debate at the Hurst Festival on Monday 20th September, imagining what our village could look like in 10 years. Check out the Festival brochure in July for more details and come along to have your say.

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